Asked Questions

Is Giant Panda a parking company?

No. We are a middleware service between the domain owner and parking companies such as Parking Crew and Smartname. You point your domains to our NS's, we optimize the keyword settings on them, and forward the traffic on to our parking company partners.

What is your fee?

Our fee is 15% of revenue and is paid to us by the parking companies. By optimizing the keywords on your domain, we can often increase the revenue by 50% or more!

How will I be paid?

The parking companies will pay you directly via their available payment methods. We never touch your revenue… we only increase it!

How do I set up an account?

To open an account, you'll need an account with one or both of our parking company partners (currently ParkingCrew and SmartName). You can use an existing account, or we can help you set one up. Apply here.

Can I send referral traffic to my domain?

No. We only accept organic domain traffic.

By how much can I expect my parking revenue to increase?

We often see names and portfolios increase by 50%, 100%, or multiples of the original revenue! Our multi-level optimization workflow is designed to have every productive name optimized, reviewed, and re-reviewed by at least one of our expert keyword optimizers.

And though we can't guarantee results, there is no contract to sign, and you're always in control of the nameservers. If we're not increasing your revenue, park your names elsewhere. We want what's best for your domains.

That said, our client list is a Who's Who of the Domain Industry. We've been optimizing their names for years because we make them more money, and we can make you more money too.