What we do

Organic domain parking has been a stagnant industry for years.

PPC parking companies haven’t innovated, and many domainers have moved on to other ventures, believing that “parking is dead”.

We believe organic domain parking is very much alive, and thriving!

We spent four years quietly working with the largest domain portfolios in the industry to develop a unique domain optimization platform which is equal parts innovative technology and live human review.


Technology Meets Human Ingenuity

No algorithm can determine the intent of organic domain traffic.

Each name is unique, and its visitors’ intentions require a salesperson’s eye to best monetize. We combine innovative technology with an in-depth human review process to generate the most revenue for domain owners, and the most qualified prospects for advertisers.

Here’s how it works


Add Your Name to your GiantPanda account.


Point it to our nameservers:
ns1.giantpanda.com ns2.giantpanda.com


Organic traffic begins flowing to your name, creating data.


Our team of expert domain optimizers review the data, do deep research into the source and, most importantly, discover the intent of the traffic.


We then compose the related link keywords that best fulfil the intent of the traffic, creating more revenue for domain owners, and qualified leads for advertisers.

Why is the intent important?

Intent is the single most important facet of organic domain optimization. Unlike banner ads or search ads, organic domain visitors might be looking for many different things.

Let’s use the imagined college name giantpandauniversity.com as an example.

Visitors landing on:

  • admissions.giantpandauniversity.com


    Looking for college admissions and application information

  • library.giantpandauniversity.com


    Looking for college textbooks

  • athletics.giantpandauniversity.com


    Looking for sports event tickets

All of these visitors are landing at the same domain, but have a different intent, and will benefit from different keywords and advertisers. Our team of domain optimizers dig into your name and figure out the true intent of the traffic.

Advanced Analytics

We are lifetime domainers, so you know we’ve spent a great deal of that lifetime pouring over stats.

In Giant Panda, we’ve built the stats dashboard we’ve always wanted, and we’re sharing it with you.


Here’s how it works


Fast, accurate, in-depth statistics are the lifeblood of domaining.

Our analytics engine is the foundation upon which our domain optimizers assess the intent of the visitors to your domains, and direct them to relevant advertisers. But we don’t just hoard this information for ourselves: we give you the access to the very same analytics, so you can understand why your domain makes money, from whom it’s making money, and make informed decisions on future domain acquisitions.

Don’t just know how much traffic your name gets; know the country/state/city data, the referrals, the landing URI’s, the host data, the click data, estimated click revenue, and more.

If knowledge is power, then our knowledge is built on the most robust analytics engine in the industry, and packaged into a dashboard front-end you’ll actually enjoy staring at all day!


Total Revenue Extraction

A Facebook page will only ever receive Facebook traffic. An Instagram account will only ever receive Instagram traffic. But a domain name is part of the plumbing of the internet, and domain traffic is more than just web visits.

We collect, identify, and sell all forms of traffic from your domain, generating extra revenue for you and boosting the value of your name.


Here’s how it works

Domains are internet infrastructure, so an expired name might receive data requests from many different protocols in many different forms: HTTP, MX, RSS, API calls, image requests, javascript requests, etc. We extract the greatest possible revenue from your name by monetizing all of these requests.

Of course web browser requests are generally the most profitable, but if you bought a gold mine and discovered it also had copper, you’d sell the copper too, right?

We don’t just increase revenue by monetizing the odds-and-ends traffic; some browser traffic performs better at different Tier 1 avenues of monetization. So whether your parked name


Sell Your Domain Smarter

We believe domains with organic traffic are one of the most undervalued asset classes in the world.

But, sometimes, someone sees the value. Our reimagined “This Domain for Sale” banners help you sell your domain for the best possible price without compromising your ad revenue.

Here’s how it works

The vast majority of domain visitors aren’t potential buyers, so showing them a TDFS (This Domain for Sale) banner is not only ineffective, but it’s a traffic leak on the page and will depress your revenue.

Our dynamic TDFS banners utilize the big data analytics we’ve collected across hundreds of millions of domain visits and only display when the visitor is a true potential buyer. You can point your TDFS banner to any domain broker or lead page you choose, and we don’t take a commission. We want to help you make the most money possible with your revenue generating domain, so when the time comes to sell you get the best possible price.


Domain Investors

We are genuinely excited for the opportunity to optimize your names and generate more revenue for you.